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Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 09:06 am Nouvelle Culture (Fading picture)
Digital Dream on 'Fading Picture' of Nouvelle Culture.

Fading picture contain 31 songs (15 originals and 16 remixes)

We take our time to congrat Nouvelle Culture and other artists who remix on the album.

Cd remix contain 16 songs, remixed by :

Milimetric (FRA), Automatic Panic (USA), Code Machine (FRA), The 3 coldmen (BRA), Equatronic (GER), Dynamic Master (GER) and 10ve10rn (UK/FRA), People theatre (FRA), Chinese Theatre (SWE), Hoboken (SCO), Project Aphastyle (GER), Gender (SWE), The Automatons (DEN), ELLEcTRIKa (UK), Tristraum (USA), Foretaste (FRA), Digital Dream (CAN)

For more info about Fading Picture and Nouvelle Culture : http://www.nouvelle-culture.fr
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